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We are hoping to take a group of students to sing at the LG Arena in Birmingham on Thursday January 15th 2015.

Last year was the first time we had taken part in this event and it was a fantastic experience for all involved.

In September we will start practising for the concert on Thursday evenings – straight after school until 4.30pm. The first rehearsal will be on the

18th  September. Attendance is compulsory if your child is offered a place in the YV choir. We will take a register weekly and unless the children are absent from school, they will be required to attend every session (non- attendance will mean they lose their place)

There are a lot of songs to learn and children will be required to practise at home – so will need access to a cd player or mp3.  Some of the songs have complicated lyrics and are quite challenging and it is important that we have 100% commitment from children who take part.

As well as committing to Thursday practice and learning songs at home there may be a cost implication for parents.

  • Tickets to watch the show cost £18 per person last year, which we realise is expensive – but is out of our control. We do book for you to guarantee all Springfield parents sit in a place where you can see school – which in arena with a 12,000 capacity is a feat in itself! Tickets do sell out quickly and so we would need the money for tickets by the end of September, which is something to bear in mind as we will have a strict cut off time. You do not have to come to watch the performance, but all the parents who came last year really enjoyed the evening.


  •  Transport to the venue will be provided for the children, but parents need to make their own way to the arena. We were lucky enough last year to be able to part fund the coach to Birmingham through sponsorship from ATM Mobile Auto Repairs and would be looking to see if there was anyone willing to do similar this year.   If we don’t manage to get sponsorship for transport, the children may have to come up with inventive ways of raising the money to help fund the coach and/or a contribution from parents would be required! Your child will need to be collected at school after the concert  – which was at about 10.15pm last year


  • There will be YV T- shirts on sale – last year these were £10. Most children bought these – and the free torch they got with them was well used during the performance!


If you are interested in your child being part of the Young Voices 2015 experience please check out their website

We will be making the decision on the choir by the end of this term as then we can distribute cds before we break up for summer.

Please return the slip below if you wish your child to be considered for a place. If we have more than 25 interested, we will put the children’s names in a hat. Letters MUST be back by the last morning of term – and children will be told that day if they have a place in the choir.

Any questions, please ask Mrs Haines or Mrs Williams.


I wish for my child _____________________________________ class _____________________ to be considered for the Young Voices 2015 choir.

I understand, if offered a place, attendance at Thursday rehearsals is compulsory, and lack of attendance (except for school absence) will mean loss of place in the choir.

Signed ________________________________ parent/carer






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